Australian Academy of Feng Shui

About Us

The Academy was founded in 2001 by Vic Ketis, who after extensive years of training, started teaching due to the demands of prospective students. Now in its fourteenth year, the college has evolved every year presenting more extensive and comprehensive programs to meet student and educational demands.

Vic Ketis also travels extensively to conferences and education seminars locally and overseas, as a lecturer and also integrating new evolving information from the local and world stage into the current programs. Students can be assured of the most up to date information and developments in these expanding fields.

Interest in Feng Shui has increased exponentially over the last few years. Training has developed the required sophistication and academic depth relevant to meeting the needs of building dynamics and the architectural demands of design. No longer a quick fix using Chinese remedies, this ancient principled science has now developed to a point where it has the professionalism required to be integrated into any building analysis or development process.

The Feng Shui course offered by the Australian Academy of Feng Shui is a high quality, dynamic and enlightening course that has developed to meet the professionalism and expertise required to meet the often complex building demands of clients requiring work in existing buildings, or right through to the design of a new building. The applications can be at the domestic right up to commercial and substantial property development. The excitement of the possibilities of this profession is increasing.

Nowhere is this more evident in that 2008 saw the first consultants only Feng Shui conference in Australia advancing our work under the auspices of a Professional Feng Shui Association. Many of the college graduates have become successful and leading consultants.

The Chinese Astrology program is a one year, four part certificate course. However 8 further parts are offered over a further 2 years if students wish to continue their study. It has developed over the last 14 years, and is finding increasing interest and relevance in understanding personal energy dynamics and understanding our relationship to the changing world circumstances. Understanding of current and relevant global themes from an astrological perspective greatly enhances our ability to negotiate our personal and collective challenges as we move through our lives.

The Chinese Astrology program is available in Melbourne and as a series of weekend modules in Sydney. Prospective students (and friends) considering the program are invited to attend the first night of the course which also doubles as a free introduction to Chinese Astrology and the dynamics of the upcoming Year.

The college also offers an ongoing Chinese Astrology study class where past and present students can discuss charts, case studies, and explore in more detail astrological topics and themes, thereby developing and integrating their knowledge.

Study of the I Ching offers the student the depth of understanding of the ancient Chinese Philosophy that can be studied for its own interest or used to enhance knowledge in other fields. Its theoretical understanding is vast and complex and can also be used as a divinatory tool to give clarity and understanding in life direction and decision making.

Full details of each of the programs are in the course guide. Feng Shui is in the first section of white pages, Chinese Astrology in the green and the I Ching in the yellow.

Western Planetary Astrology course will also be scheduled in 2015 for the first time. This course is aimed at the beginner to explore the relevance and dynamics of this ancient time honored system. Each student will have the opportunity to examine the dynamics of their own personal chart as the course proceeds. As this course is still being developed please check our website for full details of course structure and topics, dates and costs.

All courses are held at various venues including Bayswater in Victoria as well as Sydney. Please check with the college for specific venues for each program.

We attract students from a diversity of backgrounds. They undertake the programs for their own interest or for the purpose of becoming consultants.
However we also attract students who study these courses and integrate them into their personal professional fields. This includes practitioners of Naturopathy, Chinese Medicine, Counsellors, Interior designers and Architects etc.

Prospective students are also welcome to call the College to have their questions answered and/or meet the Principal of the College to familiarise themselves with the courses, content, and teaching style before making a commitment.

We look forward to hearing from you as the momentum of knowledge, its relevance and applications advances in the current era.