Australian Academy of Feng Shui

Meet Vic Ketis

Vic Ketis, Principal

Vic Ketis is the principal of the Australian Academy of Feng Shui, offering Certificate training and education in Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology and I Ching theory and divination. With over eight years teaching experience in the field, he is a professional speaker both Australia wide and internationally. Having over twenty years experience in the health industry, he maintains a strong focus on creating solid foundations for holistic balance and wellbeing through the intricate teachings of these Chinese Science and Philosophies.

Having trained many students to the level of practitioner in both Four Pillars of Destiny and Flying Star Feng Shui, founding the Academy has been a natural progression of his extensive lectures and seminars across Melbourne and the globe. Having trained with Internationally renowned Master Raymond Lo of Hong Kong, his work as a consultant and lecturer maintains an integrity of accurate and finely tuned practices, both thorough and rich in their origins and applications. As a speaker he is passionate and dedicated to promoting a high standard of practice within the industry.

Vic is a regular speaker at many conferences. International presentations have included lectures and seminars at International Feng Shui conferences in Singapore (May 2004) and USA (August 2004, 2005, 2008, upcoming 2012). He is a platinum member of the Astralian Association of Feng Shui Consultants, (

Vic also consults in Feng Shui to homes, office and business Australia wide and internationally.