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  • 2016 The Chinese Year of the Monkey & the Ruling Kua Number 2

          2016, the Chinese year of the Monkey, as with every year, has notable and prominent astrological themes and significances. 2016 sees the 12 year (Jupiter) astrological return to 2004, the beginning of the current ‘Age of 8’. The 12 year cycle is a prominent cycle ruling both the Chinese and Western astrological […]

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  • Mid Year Astrology the Solstice and New Moon in Cancer June 27, 2014

    Today is the New Moon in the western Astrological sign of Cancer. It falls close to the Solstice amplifying the transitional point of the Year The Winter solstice in the signals one of the significant transitions of the Year, this one being the first half to the second half One of the important themes of […]

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  • January 2014, New Moon Astrology

    January 2014 New Moon Astrology Part 1 Approaching the upcoming Chinese Year of the ‘Wood Horse’  Hi Everyone We approach the chronological New Year on January 1 we can begin to look at what the potentialities of the upcoming New Year are. There is an enormous amount of astrological activity at the moment and forthcoming […]

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