Australian Academy of Feng Shui

Astrology Consultations

The Academy advises that currently Astrology Consultations are not available


The system of Chinese Astrology used in Consultations is called the “Four Pillars of Destiny’’

It can be used to ascertain and give insight to all personal characteristics and energy dynamics, and also what cycles are being experienced, and the influence of each year. 2015 is the Chinese Year of the Goat

It can be particularly useful in understanding cycles of change or challenging phases of life

This Chinese system of interpretation is based on the cycle of the 5 elements and 12 Animal signs. Four Pillars Astrology can interpret many aspects in a person’s birth chart, including life themes such as resources and foundations, money and business, relationships, self expression & creativity, status, career preferences, health, strengths and weaknesses, etc.

Incorporated and woven into the consultation is the persons ‘Western Planetary Astrology’. Being psychologically and mythologically based, this deepens the understanding of ones personal characteristics as well as being able to give insight into the psychological aspect of challenges being negotiated. Importantly then advice can be given how to successfully meet and negotiate theses challenges at a time of great personal, social, and global evolution and transitions.

This time era is being represented and catalysed by the immersion and influence of the technological revolution. All past revolutions such as the Industrial, Scientific, Cultural, revolutions have seen great leaps and advancements in worldly manifestations. The acceleration and advancement of the technological revolution, on the back of the previous epochs is unprecedented. Astrology can give great insight into the understanding of the times and what it means to be a participant in this unfoldment 

Readings  can reveal:

– Your personal energy dynamics, personal qualities and characteristics
– What cycle you are experiencing at the moment, and what the future will bring (your luck pillars/transits)
– What will the upcoming Year means for you and what sort of influences, beneficial or challenging, will it bring.
– Potential for prosperity and financial success, good health, and relationships
– What are your favorable and unfavorable elements, this giving an indication of your Feng Shui requirements
– How to create balance in your life based on your chart
– Included in the reading is reference to the Western Planetary Astrological chart and current Numerological cycles

Client requirements for a consultation
Birth date, including time (if possible) and place


If you are interested in learning more about this topic and how it could help your personal life and the challenges you are encountering contact the Academy to discuss a consultation and / or to make a booking.