Australian Academy of Feng Shui

Feng Shui Consultations

Feng Shui consultations are available for any size project ranging from a small home, large home, office , unit complexes, business and commercial developments.

Consultation projects can include:

– Site selection
– The design of a building from the ground up; a very powerful way to incorporate Feng Shui, to create a nurturing, healthy and prosperous home and/ or work environment.
– Existing home and businesses for enhancing strengths and minimising difficulties. this includes allocations of spaces: which are the best rooms for a bedroom, living spaces etc.
– Advice for renovations, alterations and additions, to harmoniously integrate your design into the existing building
– Advice as to interior design, color, placement and arrangement of furnishings and décor
– Creating a successful Home Office; a modern day Feng Shui challenge
– Preparation of your home before sale as Feng Shui can help create a great “feel”
– Choosing the best time period to buy or sell, or to make important decisions
– Pre purchase appraisals– the assessment of a home or business before you buy. Will the building be conducive to prosperity, good health and relationship harmony, or is there the potential for difficulty

The process and costs of a consultation vary depending upon the size and complexity of the building, the number of occupants, the requirements of the consultation and the location. Country and interstate consultations include additional travel costs and expenses

Client requirements for a consultation

1. The date (to the year) that the building was built
2. Floor plans of the building drawn to scale or architectural floor plans
3. Birth dates including time (if availabale), of all occupants


If you are interested in learning more about a consultation, its process, costs, and how it could help your home or business contact the Academy to discuss a consultation and /or to make a booking.