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The next Chinese Astrology Course begins:

Melbourne – Not currently scheduled

Sydney – Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday December 1, 2, 3 – 2017

The course is called ‘Chinese Astrology Foundations’ and includes 2 Parts

The first part is done by correspondence. For this you will receive a complete set of DVD’s, comprehensive manual and resource material

Part 2 will be done in the classroom on the dates stated

The weekend course will review essentials of the  Correspondence / DVD course

 It will also then additionally include:

Many chart examples, including those of participants

The elaboration and consolidation of fundamental interpretation

Analysis of the Year of the Rooster (2017) and related prominent astrology. What are the prominent challenging astrological influences that the world is currently experiencing both individually and collectively. What can astrology give insight to and therefore give outline of future potentials and possibilities

Enrolments for the Chinese Astrology program are directly to Australian College of Environmental Studies (ACES): 1300 889 845,

It is necessary to complete Part 1 (Correspondence) and be able to construct a person’s astrological chart before the weekend class.

Part 2 will then proceed with chart analysis, class discussion and further astrological theory and topics as stated above

The total cost is $ 795

At the conclusion of the weekend course further parts will be offered for those who want to continue their study

About Chinese Astrology

Four Pillars of Destiny is a system of Chinese Astrology used to identify the configuration of energy present at each passing point in time. At each moment of time there are are eight energy influences that construct the Four Pillars of Destiny, based upon the Chinese system of the five elements.

These elements are wood, fire, earth, metal and water. General characteristics, personal qualities, energy dynamics and life themes can be identified and brought to light through the four pillars of destiny. From this configuration, ones favorable elements are determined, which can illuminate those energies and manifestations that bring us balance and enhance our personal potential.

The Academy’s founder and principle consultant, Vic Ketis is a professional Chinese Astrologer who teaches Certificate and Advanced training in the subject. He is widely known for his deep insight and concise interpretation of Astrological energies and their influence over our lives and current global themes such as economy, housing, environment and politics.

Chinese Astrology ~ The Four Pillars of Destiny

The Four Pillars of Destiny is a unique and specialised system of Chinese Solar Astrology. Compared with more conventionally known Chinese animal astrology which uses only the year of birth in personal assessment, Four Pillars of Destiny also uses the month, day and hour of a persons birth to construct a birth or natal chart. The Four Pillars can be used to assess and interpret personal energy qualities, and reveal an immense amount of information about a person’s potentials and characteristics.

The Four Pillars are a combination of the Five elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water), which form the foundations of Chinese Philosophy and Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is upon the interpretation of the configuration of these elements that assessment and analysis of a person’s energetic potentials is made such as general characteristics, personality qualities, life themes and energy dynamics can be identified and illuminated.

The following are some of the life themes and their potentials can be illuminated by a Four Pillars chart:

– Relationships including the type of relationships a person will tend to have and their dynamics
– Creativity and expressive potential
– Career preferences and potential for achievement and status
– Business, money, and financial prospects
– Health dynamics
– Personal strengths and weaknesses

This system is therefore more complex, insightful and wider in its applications than traditional Chinese animal astrology.

The course begins with the foundational theory of the philosophy at the foundation of Chinese Astrology. Then the student is taught to read the Chinese calendar, and be able to draw up a person’s Four Pillars Astrology chart. It will cover the skills of analysis to interpret the chart, including strengths and weaknesses, and life themes such as resources, money, relationships, creativity, status, career preferences, health etc.

The Luck pillars or transiting energies which are the cycles that we come into over time are then listed. They indicate which cycles are more favorable and which more challenging, and the prevalent themes of these time periods. Yearly cycles and their influences are also then considered.

Personal examples will be used and numerous case studies of famous people (including actors, politicians and people prominent in the public eye (such as Barack Obama, Kevin Rudd, etc) will be presented in the course to illustrate and highlight different aspects of life.

Integral to the course is an examination of the Chinese astrological cycles which are currently influencing the destiny and the course of events on the planet. These are the 20 year, 12 year, and specific yearly influences, which when examined indicate the prominent themes of the time periods and also importantly how to harmonise and personally negotiate their challenges. This information is invaluable in helping to psychologically orient ourselves in the face of the incoming energies and their demands.

Students have found this aspect invaluable in personal understanding and being able to increase their effectiveness and success in career, relationships and insight into the personal life path. Presently the astrological energies are very strong in their impact which is evident in the economic and environmental challenges facing the planet. We can expect the themes to continue and their emphases will be explored in depth.

The study of Four Pillars of Destiny teaches how to enhance your energy, make balance and harmonise with the current influences that are in effect at present. A fascinating, informative and engaging course suitable for the student, practitioner or layperson that can be undertaken to become an astrologer, to enhance other professional skills such as those on the health, human resources, Feng Shui, counsellors, interior design, etc or for general interest. No prerequisites are required and the course attracts students from a diversity of backgrounds.

Now entering its ninth year, the Australian Academy of Feng Shui is privileged to collaborate with the Australian College of Environmental Studies in Box Hill in presenting the Chinese Astrology program. It is a one year, four part certificate course. Eight further parts are offered over a further 2 years if students wish to continue their study.

Chinese Astrology now available by Correspondence

The Chinese Astrology Course is available by correspondence.
Part 1 & Part 2 are now available by correspondence to study Chinese Astrology at your pace, and in the comfort of your own home.
Produced in collaboration with the Australian College of Environment Studies (ACES), the course includes complete set of DVDs and comprehensive manuals and teaching materials for each part.

The cost of Part 1 & 2 is $ 795
Orders can be made directly with the Academy or ACES

The course contains full introduction and theory, astrological foundations and chart construction, and beginnings of chart analysis of this unique astrological system.
The correspondence course will be supplemented by (optional) weekend intensives which will be scheduled up to twice yearly for students to attend and further develop their studies.

This course is also ideal for those studying Feng Shui or any aspect of Chinese philosophy as there is an extensive examination of 5 element theory and its application and manifestation in our lives and in buildings

Chinese Astrology – Part 1

Principles and philosophy

Theory of Chinese astrology

Yin and Yang, 5 elements, 10 Heavenly Stems and 12 Earthly Branches

Reading the Chinese calendar & Chart construction

Introduction to interpretation of the chart including self element and initial analysis of self element and personal dynamics.

Chart examples

Special Free Introduction to Chinese Astrology
Not currently scheduled
The first night of the course also doubles as a free introduction for those considering undertaking the course and wishing to find out more about it

A Chinese “10,000 Year” calendar is also required for the course
They can be purchased at a cost of $ 50

Any Inquires please contact the Academy for further details

Chinese Astrology – Part 2

Listing out the transits called the ‘Luck Pillars’

Life themes designation and analysis including money/ business, relationships, career, occupation, vocation, education, expression and creativity, health

Birth time adjustments

Case studies and numerous chart examples including those of participants

Chinese Astrology – Part 3

Psychological interpretation and life theme analysis from the chart

Year of the Snake elemental dynamics and analysis

Applications of Chinese Astrology to enhancing our Feng Shui and designing promotional material

Auspicious date selection using the Tong Shu

Chart analysis and examples

Chinese Astrology – Part 4

Chart dynamics examining the relationships between the characters: the harmonies and the challenges and consequent chart meanings

Impact of the Year and Luck Pillar

Enhancing our life using our chart

Auspicious date selection using the Tong Shu

Successful completion of Chinese Astrology Parts 1- 4 qualifies the student for a Certificate of Chinese Astrology

Chinese Astrology – Part 5

Life cycle of the elements c/w seasonal cycle of the elements

This is the foundation for the relationships between the Branches, called the Oppositions (clashes), Squares (Penalties) and Harmonies (combines)

The Living Chart: Relationships of the Stems and Branches Part 1

Advanced Chart dynamics examining the relationships between the characters:

The harmonious aspect and the challenging aspects and consequent chart meanings

Oppositions (clashes), Squares (Penalties) and Harmonies (Combines)

Chinese Astrology Part 6

The Living Chart: Relationships of the Stems and Branches Part 2

Symbolic stars Part 1:

Specialized additional themes of the Stems and Branches of the Four Pillars such as travel (Traveling Stars or Horses) and relationships (Romance Flowers), and their influence in Destiny

Chinese Astrology Part 7

Symbolic stars Part 2:

Specialized additional themes of the Stems and Branches of the Four Pillars:

Spiritual / Esoteric Stars  the ‘stars’ that are indicated in the charts of unique people and professions such as artists, healers, therapists, academics, visionaries and those that think outside the conventions.

Many young people have these Stars and they can be better understood by their charts

Chinese Astrology Part 8

The Living Chart: Relationships of the Stems and Branches: the ‘Penalty’ combinations

Advanced Chart dynamics examining the perhaps the most complex and challenging relationships between the characters: The Chinese call these ‘Penalties’ (squares)

Penalty Combination’s occur only the Branches of the Four Pillars.

They are a relationship between the characters that is challenging, difficult and require considerable understanding

The context of the combinations, meanings and their implications will be extensively explored

Chinese Astrology – Part 9

The Ancestral influences: House of Conception & House of Life & Pre Natal Eclipses

The 2 additional Pillars that relate to ancestral influences and the Eclipses which form the template that our Natal chart is embedded into

Conventional and unconventional chart aspects of life

(Yin & Yang aspect of the elements),  sometimes called the “10 Gods”

5 elements foundations and Theory behind this

Meaning of the Transits, Life cycle, Mythologies Part 1: Literal, Psychological, Mythological

Pre Natal eclipses are especially important as they may impact directly the Natal chart. they can explain important themes and event in a person life, that may not be directly obvious from the Natal Chart

How then is the self element of the Natal chart affected?

If the eclipse makes an aspects into the birth chart then the Stem or Branch or element is energised / amplified for life

If you are born with an eclipse on a certain aspect in the chart then this will be a prominent theme for your life

Chinese Astrology Part 10

Heavenly Stems hidden inside Earthly Branches (Also known as Storage of stems in branches)

Career and life direction fields: Interpretation of career potentialities according to 5 elements

Meaning of the Transits, Life cycle, Mythologies Part 2: Literal, Psychological, mythological

Chinese Astrology Part 11 & 12 – Health and Dietary Energetics

Four Pillars and Health & Dietary Energetics Part 1 & 2

Philosophy of Health and well-being, definitions, meanings, analysis, interpretations and discussion and inquiry into the meaning and dynamics of health and wellbeing

Four Pillars applications to Health

(Self element Favorable / Unfavorable elements, Power element, Clash, Penalty)

Four Pillars interpretation of Health particularly from Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) viewpoint

Dietary energetics and the 5 elements. Food categorized into the 5 elements to ascertain optimal diet for each self element and chart dynamic

Chinese Astrology Part 13 – The Astrological Mandala

The Astrological Mandala:  Superimposing the 12 Houses and 12 Signs of the Western Astrological Zodiac over the Chinese astrological wheel gives deeper insight and meaning, especially critical points in the cycle

Introduction to Planetary / Western Astrology and its relationship to Chinese Astrology

This course will explore and integrate the astrological meaning and impact of the ‘outer’ planets of the Solar system, these being Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto

We will examine the themes of these 6 outer planets and integrate their meaning into the 5 elements and system Chinese Astrology (and philosophy)

What are the archetypes and meaning of these planets and how do they, and their cycles effect us?

Ancient, critical and in depth information that can be woven into the Chinese Astrological Paradigm, giving added depth, meaning and insight into chart interpretation, especially in the area of psychological cycles, negotiating personal unfoldment and challenges

Chinese Astrology Part 14 – Chart Patterns

The 8 Characters of the Chinese Astrological chart when listed out in a spatial arrangement often form a clear pattern. This Pattern then creates a resonance, which along with other factors such as the Pre Natal – eclipse, the era of ones birth etc, gives a significant and deeper context and orientation within which the chart may play itself out

Chart Patterns have a certain geometry and harmonic and include Triangles, Grand Cross, Yod, Mystic Rectangles etc.

This Chinese Astrology Part will investigate all chart patterns, their meanings and give examples

Chinese Astrology Part 15 & 16

Technique of Consulting, Consultation Process & Chart discussion

This course will be devoted to extensive chart analysis and discussion

It will also examine the approach to Destiny analysis, emphasizing the Chinese approach of Destiny, Luck, Feng Shui, Virtue & Education and relevant mythological themes

Reading a chart

Elaboration and meanings of transits

Principle Life Transitions (especially midlife) & stages of development

Generic cycles