Australian Academy of Feng Shui

Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine for Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology

Study the arts of Chinese Medicine as they were written in the original sources with the aid of case studies and scientific research.
Learn the skills necessary to integrate the information into existing Feng shui methods, schools and current literature .
Discover greater comprehension of Chinese terms and concepts through investigation of their applications.
Broaden your scope of practice by gaining greater understanding of our foundations and their practical purpose.

A specialized course aimed at deepening the principles of Chinese Philosophy and medicine with emphasis to incorporation into Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology

In association with Tyler J. Rowe, director of China Dragon Medical

This seminar will cover ‘Medical theory’ outside the scope of most existing Feng shui and Chinese Astrology courses.
Topics will include but not be limited to :
道 Dào ‘the Way’; its impact on Chinese thought and the proto-sciences.
阴阳 Yīnyáng ‘polar opposites’; four principles and their personal interactions.
五行 Wǔxíng ‘five elements’; a comprehensive look at systematic correspondence.
经络 Jīngluò ‘channels and collaterals’ the meridian network of acupuncture.
脏腑 Zàngfǔ ‘viscera and bowels’ the Chinese view of the organ system.
食疗 Shíliáo ‘dietary therapy’ the flavour and nature of food as medicine.
五神 Wǔshén ‘five spirits’ emotions, mental faculties and psychology
Concepts will be explained in terms of their ancient meanings, historical relevance, recent uses and possible future interpretations. This will be followed by a class discussion of their potential application to the built environment.

A 7 week series begins March , 2013

Times: 6:30 – 9:30pm
Dates: TBA
Venue: ACES
Suite 2 / 25 Prospect Street
Box Hill VIC 3128
Full ………..………………………..…….. $350
AFSC/IFSA member/ACES student …. $330
Early bird special* ……………..………… $300

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Forthcoming seminars in the series :
Part 2 – Illness & Injury (the pathology of elemental disease and wellbeing)
Part 3 – Cosmology of the Body (the universe reflected in the internal landscape)