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Feng Shui Practitioner training program – The ‘Flying Star’ School

‘Building for the Future’: Training in Classical Feng Shui for the modern era

Our comprehensive and popular program begins its 18th year in 2018 in both Melbourne and Sydney

The courses are classroom only and not available online or by correspondence

The courses begin with an Introduction:  

Melbourne: March 2018, date to be announced

Sydney: April 2018, date to be announced

Please contact the Academy for a full course guide, that includes venue, costs and full curriculum outline

The Melbourne course is 20 Saturdays over 2 years

The Sydney course is 10 weeks over 2 years


Introduction to Feng Shui: “Building as Process, Building as Psyche”

The Introduction is the first day of the course, and is also available as a free Introduction to anyone considering undertaking the program and wishing to find out more about it

The theme if this Introduction will be ‘Building as process, Building as Psyche’. I will specifically outline and emphasize the Academy’s unique approach that considers that our building and its Feng Shui are an exact reflection of our state of consciousness. That includes both the form and structure of the building, and its Flying Star chart

Said another way: ‘Our external Geography is a reflection of our internal Geography’. The dynamics and patterns inherent in any building design can consequently also be interpreted in terms of their symbolic representation. This will exactly be consistent with, and reflect the fundamental energetics, life circumstances, and challenges of the occupants.

These are ‘Archetypal’ patterns and symbolism, and are fundamental energy complexes of the psyche.

As a building is a representation of the person, the Introduction will explore numerous building examples, designs and floor plans. This will illustrate how the patterns, dynamics, and symbolism reflect the circumstances of the occupants. For example we will look at building plans that reflect ‘single people, buildings that reflect illness, building that are good for men / women

In this context, the Feng Shui of a building can also be used as a diagnostic tool which gives the context of the occupants and the building. Consequently internal adjustments, and appropriate decisions and actions can be made that are in accord with the person’s unfoldment

We will then start on some of the material, particularly some of the principles and philosophy of Feng Shui. This can give you an idea of the course, its content and potentials. You are also welcome to ask any questions you may have. In the past prospective students considering the course have found the Introduction valuable as the commitment of the course is quite substantial

The lecture will also explore:

What the definition of Feng Shui translated as ’wind and water’ means

What is meant by the relationship of the ‘Mountain’ to the ‘Water’

How can these principles be effectively applied to buildings for our benefit
This lecture will be presented by the Principal of the Australian Academy of Feng Shui, Vic Ketis, who has been a practitioner and researcher of Feng Shui for 20+ years and has extensively researched and explored its history and philosophy

Bookings for this are essential

Any previous Feng Shui study may be eligible for credits for prior learning

The course is not available on DVD / Correspondence


About Flying Star Feng Shui and the Training Program

Flying Star Feng Shui is a Classical Chinese School of Feng Shui used prominently in Hong Kong and now becoming popular in Australia as the preferred and most effective school of Feng Shui. In this system, each building is treated individually according to its own unique nature of siting and time of being built. It’s energy can be assessed for its potential for bringing good fortune to the occupants. Prosperity can be strengthened and difficult influences remedied. The extensive principles can be applied to existing buildings, or incorporated into design, renovations, and extensions. Incorporated into architecture for new buildings, Feng Shui can enable buildings to be built that are prosperous and sustainable, and support health, prosperity and relationship harmony, indeed all aspects of human well being.

Training Program

The training program will train you to practitioner level. It will teach the complete system of Flying Star Feng Shui, including how to draw up a building’s Flying Star energy chart and its interpretation. Considerable applications to home, business and design will be examined and numerous case studies explored. Participants will be able to competently apply Flying Star Feng Shui to assess a buildings energy and qualities, and incorporate it into other fields (eg: interior design, real estate, architecture) if desired.

The first 2 classes will cover all theory and compass training to be able to draw up a building’s Flying Star chart and begin Feng Shui assessment and analysis. Students will be encouraged to begin building analysis. Saturdays and a second weekend will be a combination of further theory and analysis, applications, and assessment of many examples, and case studies will be presented. The extensive coaching and training in consultations is unique to this training program.

Relevance is also made to current Astrological trends of the years and time Era.

The course also includes an extensive and specialised examination into the history of this classical form of Feng Shui and the modern day application of these principles. A comprehensive training program, suitable for the beginner, those with some knowledge or training in Feng Shui, or the practitioner.


The course is designed as a 2 Year training program comprising an Introduction and 20 days to complete the program.

The Sydney Program is 10 weekends

A training manual, course notes and specialized Flying Star Compass (Lo Pan) are included in program.

Ongoing Training

An advantage of this training program is that students receive ongoing tuition with class discussion and coaching on building analysis and consultations they are working on. This deepens the understanding and applications of the theory and technique and builds confidence in the field. This aspect of the training has received extremely positive feedback from students in helping them achieve the conclusion of the training program students will have acquired all the knowledge and skills to be able to competently perform Feng Shui consultations, and pursue this career professionally if desired. It can also be the basis to more advanced training which will be offered at the conclusion of the training program.

A Certificate of Competency will be presented at the successful completion of all aspects of the course.

Previous Training

Some credits for previous learning and training may apply. This will be determined after application and interview. Students with previous training are invited to attend this training program to enhance their skills and become part of a Feng Shui network of education and consultancy.

Topics of the Course:

Introduction to Flying Star Feng Shui theory and basic principles
Applications & purpose
Origins of Feng Shui
Influence of forces: Heaven, Earth, Human
Distinction of Form School & Compass School Feng Shui
Perfect Arrangement/ 4 Animal spirits
Definition of Feng Shui- what does “Wind & Water” really mean

Philosophy and theory of Feng Shui. this aspect is extensive and woven into all stages of the program. Reference is made to the immense amount of research material that is now available from the Feng Shui classical texts, the material from antiquity

Building Blocks of Flying Star Feng Shui:
Yin & Yang, 5 Elements
I Ching- 8 Trigrams, Earlier Heaven Sequence & Later Heaven Sequence
Lo Shu Diagram
10 Heavenly Stems & 12 Earthly branches
Introduction to the Lo Pan and distribution of energy including the 24 Mountains of the Compass

Drawing a Flying Star Chart:
Time Cycles, Periods & Ages
Mountain Stars and Water stars
Meaning of Numbers/ Flying Stars
Building Shapes and placing the chart over the floor plan & finding the centre of a building
Introduction to assessing building directions/ front door/ source of energy
Introduction to analysis of a Flying Star chart & assessment of a buildings fortune
Introduction to cures and enhancements for the Flying Stars

The Lo Pan/ Compass-
Theory & Measuring building direction

Practical examples
Home and office, Personal case studies, Form school examples
Northern Hemisphere v Southern Hemisphere discussion of difference

Substitute/replacement Stars

Cures and enhancements for the Flying Stars
Physical: Placement of furnishings, color, décor, objects, ornaments
Color as a cure and the dynamics of color
Context of explaining cures to a client in a consultation

Building Dynamics:
Reference for building age
Tips on finding the age of a building
Roof removal for new horoscope
How much has to be removed for a building to be considered a new building

Building Directions/ front door/ Source of energy:
Important criteria for selecting building direction. Very important in an era of irregular shaped, designed buildings and sitings

Form School guidelines that support sustainable living:
Extensive and detailed examination incorporating room by room analysis and its Flying Star relationship

Connecting stars & Ho Tu number combinations/ diagram
Imprisoned water stars
Relationships between Flying Stars between sectors

Chart Placement/ Finding the Center of buildings
Placing the Flying Star chart over the building, quite challenging in an era of irregular shaped buildings
Strength of the Stars – by sector, by element
Analysis of strength of Flying Star influences according to their sector

Distribution of Energy
Lo Shu Diagram, Archetypal distribution of energy
Regional Feng Shui
Feng Shui influences applied to regions, states, countries. Identifying  prosperous area
Age of 8 charts
Yearly and monthly stars, assessment of these transient influences into the Feng Shui chart. Their importance and cures
Daily Stars, significance and importance
Grand Duke & 3 Sars, Further yearly influences on a building
Western Astrology & The importance of Planetary Cycles
Mercury retrograde – its meaning and implications in planning and development
Eclipses – their importance, meaning and implications

Personal Lo Shu (Kua) number-directions and sectors and relationship to Flying Star chart
The formula to work out the Lo Shu number
Compatibility with buildings, directions and sectors
Kua Number and relationship to Flying Star chart, general & by aspect

Feng Shui for Business
Application of Flying Star Feng Shui to commercial premises, businesses, offices, shopping centres
Feng Shui & Business theory
Research of business emphasis and process
What produces results in business?
Business strategy and ethics

Additions, Extensions and Renovations for buildings
Feng Shui for renovations and harmoniously integrating into the existing building

Feng Shui consultation process, report writing & presentation
For:- Existing Buildings, Renovations/ extensions and additions, New Designs

Personal Skills & Consultancy development
Association and regulations, accountability, consultancy standards and code of ethics

In addition to the scheduled topics, each Saturday will allocate time for building floor plan discussion and Flying Star chart analysis on projects done by students
Site visits to relevant buildings will be scheduled where possible

Full Course details are available from the Academy
For a brochure of further information and outlining complete course details, curriculum, topics, dates, costs, venue, and application form
Phone: 61 0408 554 987