Australian Academy of Feng Shui

Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry

The Academy runs Introductory Weekend Courses in Sacred Geometry

Next Course:

September 19 & 20

Time: 10 am – 5.30 pm 

Venue: Sacred Keys

3 / 113 Miller St

Epping 3076

Cost: $ 380 ($ 100 deposit)

About the Course

The principles of Sacred Geometry are the mathematics, proportions, geometries, shapes and energetic dynamics inherent in universal self sustaining structures, including the body.

Da Vinci’s well known diagram of the Vetruvian Man is an illustration of this sacredness in universal design.

It is the classical image of this representation and replicated in many spheres.

The principles of Sacred Geometry also including dimension, shape, size, color, number and geometric proportions.

This sphere of ancestral knowledge can be applied to existing buildings or incorporated into the design of new buildings and / or renovations and additions. Sacred Geometry enhances and energizes living spaces already harmonized by Feng Shui principles

 The weekend will include

Philosophy and theory

What’s sacred about Sacred Geometry?

Numerology and proportions

The Circle, Square & Triangle, Pentacle, Hexagon etc and elemental correlations

Practical – learning to draw geometric shapes, designs and images

The inherent meaning and symbolism of shapes and geometry of the Flower of Life, the Pentacle and the Golden Mean Rectangle amongst many others

The incorporation of geometry into classical design and art, with many examples

Application to buildings and incorporation into design

Why was the importance of 2012, what is its relevance and meaning with regard to this field

The weekend will have an orientation to application to building design but can be done just for its own interest

No previous experience is necessary


The weekend will also include an Introduction to ‘Archetypal’ Feng Shui analysis of a building and the psychological circumstances of the occupants using only the Floor Plan design. You are welcome to bring your floor plan for discussion 

This approach is unique and has been developed by the Australian Academy of Feng Shui 



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Requirements: A compass, rulers, colored pens / pencils