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Journey of the Tarot – The Major Arcana

The Academy’s approach to the study of the Tarot is quite unique. This course is the study of the symbolism, images, numerology and mythology using the vehicle of the first 22 cards of the 78 card array of the Tarot. It is called the Major Arcana and represents the prominent archetypes of Mythology that inform consciousness, therefore giving life meaning and understanding it its unfoldment

It is also designed to compliment other disciplines such as Astrology, Feng Shui, Health & Healing etc, as the understanding of the symbolism of the cards gives insight into a persons psychological condition, and challenges that are being encountered. Importantly, it then gives important, relevant and valuable information into the meaning of the challenges and importantly insight on how to negotiate critical time periods, which the individually and on a global scale is being experienced at the moment

In this 16 week course we examine the symbolism, images, mythology and astrological relevance of the Major Arcana

The course emphasizes Astrological correlations and symbolism as well as relevant symbolism found in renaissance art and ancestral imagery that is relevant in the current day 

A 28 Week Wednesday Evening course begins in March 2018 in Melbourne

The venue will be Entelechy Institute, Bayswater

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The Tarot can be used on its own, or in conjunction with any form of astrology, numerology, Feng Shui etc, to deepen the understanding of life challenges, astrological charts, or the impact of years or transiting energies.

The Major Arcana, and represents the prominent archetypes of Mythology that inform consciousness, therefore giving life meaning and understanding it its unfoldment. Where relevant, the card’s astrological correlation will be emphasized to deepen the meaning of the image

Numerous artworks from across the ages will be examined (particularly from the Renaissance) as many have similarities to the images and themes of the cards

 This 16 week course will be presented in 2 eight week parts

The classical traditional ‘Rider – Waite – Colman’ deck will be emphasized but students are welcome to bring / use other decks

No previous knowledge is necessary

For those interested, the Minor Arcana will then be scheduled in the second half of 2015

Each course will be comprised of four – 7 week parts

Time: 6.30 pm – 9.00 pm

Cost $350 per Part

Further information contact the Academy

Journey of the Tarot – The Minor Arcana

– Examine the numerology, elemental correlation, astrological and archetypal symbolism of the Minor Arcana

Course Schedule
– Classes for the Minor Arcana will be scheduled in 2018

Please contact the Academy if you would like to be put on the contact list for notification

Tarot / Mythology Tour to India

Tarot Tour to India is not currently scheduled

Explore symbolism, mythology, and its relevance to our daily life journey through the archetypal study of the classical Tarot, whilst travelling through sacred and enchanting parts of India

Identify and give deeper meaning to your personal life journey through the study and understanding of the archetypes, mythology, astrological correlations and symbolism of the Major Arcana of the Tarot.

Immerse yourself in India’s mythic and spiritual culture as we also relate the Tarot images to traditional Indian symbolism as well as classical painting and art to deepen insights and enhance understanding of your life’s path.

Current astrological influences will also be discussed to identify and give meaning to the personal journey and the unfoldment of world events

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