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Saturday Classes begin March 2018 at Sacred Keys, Epping Victoria

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The course begins with the fundamental basics, principles and some philosophy, and then progressing over the 2 years to developing all skills and knowledge required to for chart analysis and interpretation

The first year deals with fundamental Astrological principles including the elements, signs, planets, houses and aspects. Birth chart calculations and basic interpretive methods are also covered.

The second year focuses mainly on more advanced chart interpretation, the Astrology of relationships, and the various forecasting processes and their meanings and numerous other topics.

Extensive material regarding the planets, transits and relevant astrological dynamics are also incorporated into the Chinese Paradigm and courses to expand, broaden and enhance the understanding of Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui as this is the Academy’s orientation

The course is oriented to the beginner to and to those who have minimal knowledge of Astrology. As with all courses taught by the Academy the classes will be video recorded and will include supplementary manual & notes and reading material


The study of Astrology has been used for centuries to help give insight, and guide and explain the course of human personal and collective destiny. Astrology understands that the Planets are heavenly bodies and they have energy that correlate with certain human characteristics. When we are born the place of the planets in the sky against the backdrop of the constellations, called the Zodiacal signs, indicate the potential characteristics we will have. This also indicates how the potentials relate in all areas of life such as relationships, career, business, education, etc. The information can then but used to assist us in our personal understanding and empowering us in choices, life direction and all areas of life.

This course examines the influence in our lives of the Planets, Signs and Houses of the Western Astrological System. Students will be provided with their own Natal Astrological chart and will learn about their personal characteristics and qualities of the charts through the series of program. Prevalent astrological themes and influences will be included through the year as prominent and impactfull planetary energies are influencing in the current and upcoming years, creating tremendous change both personally and globally. Astrological study can give great insight into navigating these time periods and meeting their challenges
The purpose of the short course program is to give a fundamental knowledge in astrology to allow the student to gain insight into a chart and its dynamics.

There are no assignments and exams. This is a course designed for the interest, insight and personal growth of the student.

The Western Astrology course taught by the Academy follows the following guidelines:

Western Astrology Part 1 Introduction
Introduces the fundamentals of Astrology, the natal chart and the background to its meaning. How does this system work and what are the fundaments upon which a chart is created. A brief history of Astrology will be included. Planetary astrology is based upon the four elements of Fire, Earth, Air and Water, each of which has a prominent energy, psychological theme and certain manifestations. Each of the elements and their correspondences will be examined and explored as they are the the foundation of nearly all aspects of Astrology. Brief comparisons will be made to the Chinese system of the 5 elements and contrasting their differences

Western Astrology Part 2 – The Astrological Signs
There are 12 signs which from the foundation of the Astrological Zodiac. The sequence of signs begin with Aries, then Taurus and finishes with Pisces. Each has certain qualities and characteristics. Each person is born with the Sun in one of these sign and this is our Sun sign. However each of the other planets will be in other signs at the time of our birth, thus giving more information about our characteristics.  They also represent the stages of initiation and development of the human life cycle and guide in the process of negotiating important life stages and challenges. Each of the Signs will be examined in detail.

Western Astrology Part 3 – The Planets and Asteroids
There are 10 major planets in our Solar System. There is the Sun and the Moon and the 8 other planets each have fundamental energy qualities that govern our characteristic and qualities. Although Pluto has been demoted to a minor planet its importance is still considered as that of a planet. This unit will explore the planetary energies and their psychological emphasis in our lives and Destiny. What characteristics do we have that reflect their qualities? Realisation of this can give deep understanding and insight into the often deep and complex aspect of the human psyche and empower us in the potentials of our lives that the planets illuminate. The placement of the Planets in different signs will be explored. Although Pluto was demoted in 2006 by the Astronomical community to a minor planet, its importance in astrology is still deemed that of a planet, and the significance in July 2015 of the New Horizons Spacecraft fly-by of Pluto will be examined

Western Astrology Part 4 – The Houses
The astrological chart looks like a wheel with 12 divisions. The divisions are called ‘Houses’ and are the ‘stage’, the underlying Mandala, for the Planets and the signs to manifest their dynamics. The Houses also symbolise the stages of human development. This unit will examine the 12 Houses, their rulerships and qualities. Astrological emphasis will be made to the meaning of the Angles, the Ascendant and Descendant, House Cusps and their influence in our lives.

Second Year topics:

Topics will include: Planetary Aspects, The Lunation cycle, Retrograde and Stationary planets, the Lunar Nodes and Eclipses, Chart Patterns and Aspect patterns, Chart Shapes, the Transits of all the Planets, Secondary progressions and the Solar Arc, Solar Returns, Mid points, Introduction to Horary astrology and the ‘Consultation’ Chart, the Sabian Symbols, Vocational astrology, the Vertex (Fate Point), Composite Charts (the domain of relationships), application and integration into Feng Shui and building analysis and others

Please contact the Academy for a copy of the Course guides